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5 Design Tips to Know before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Redesigning bathrooms can be exciting, but it can be a major problem if some basic points are not kept in mind. The most important factors in remodeling are layouts, sizes and finishing. Having knowledge about a few important things can save you a lot of hard work and money. Further, there are renovators who can help you in total planning and remodeling work like Renovco bathroom renovations.

The following points should be considered before remodeling your bathroom.

  1. Have an Estimate Idea of Your Expenses: Before starting with your remodeling work, it’s important to understand what you expect and how much money you are willing to invest in this project. The complete design and size of how you want your bathroom to be designed and how much you can afford to pay is important. If you plan to do the labor yourself, then you can save a lot of money. You can check for rates of deluxe, super deluxe bathrooms online or can simply call any renovators and get an idea about the estimate costs.

  1. Save Space by Converting Higher Occupying Space:

One of the most common bathroom layouts are the single plumbed wall. In this, all the fixtures are lined up and served from one compact source of drains, water supplies and venting. This saves a lot on plumbing installation and provides efficient distribution of heated water, especially when the wall is near a water heater. These walls need to be constructed of 2-by-6 studs rather than 2-by-4s, mainly to accommodate the larger vent stack for the toilet. Even if your home has a large master bathroom, it likely has at least one bathroom elsewhere in the house that’s arranged this way.

  1. Save Space by Converting Higher Occupying Space:

If you don’t use bathtubs much, then you should convert it to a shower as bathtubs occupy much more space as compared to showers and if not installed it can save a lot of money. Standard size of bathtubs is 5-foot by 2½-foot area

  1. Have More Than One Way of Keeping Your Bathrooms Dryfor Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is a must to reduce mold and remove moisture quickly. To have proper ventilation, you should have a small window, fan ventsetc.

  1. Consider a Corner Sink

If still you think that your bathroom is tight in terms of space, then you can plan your sink in the corner. And make sure they are of proper height.Typically, sinks are planned to be atleast 32 to 34 inches off the floor.

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