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60-Second Style Guide: Quiz Helps Decide Kitchen Countertop Designs

Homeowners struggling to decide on the best possible design for their kitchen countertops have a handy new tool to help them, with a 60-second quiz that asks just a few questions and suggests the ideal material and style to use to make the kitchen look the best it can.

Think of the “Kitchen Countertop Soulmate Quiz”as a dedicated virtual design assistant helping out, except it’s free and fast. Getting some guidance on the most suitable look for countertops is crucial, because they’re among the most prominent features in one of the busiest rooms of a home – so it’s important to get the visual right, and get something that will last for several years.

Whether homeowners are considering a cool contemporary style or debating a rustic appearance, the Kitchen Countertop Soulmate Quiz has all the answers to help make the right decision.

It starts by asking what type of decorating personality someone has: High drama colors and patterns, an eclectic mix of styles, totally classic design, or a family-friendly unfussy approach.

After choosing the overall style goal, the quiz then asks: If a homeowner had to choose between two types of kitchen countertops, would they opt more for something practical and durable that will last a long time, or “the envy of the neighborhood” where the visual impact is the most important. People can choose on a sliding scale between the two options to advance in the quiz.

How the kitchen will be used is another important factor that informs the next question, which asks designers whether the space is primarily for entertaining friends and family with big dinners, whether it’s for low-key family dining and hanging out, or whether the home is owned by a serious cook whose biggest focus is on using the kitchen mostly for food preparation.

After answering this question, the quiz then presents a range of color palettes covering everything from neutral whites and grays to more striking bold colors like green and orange. Picking one of these options will present six photos of different kitchens with varying styles of cabinets, ranging from dark hardwood cabinets to all-white units – they all look great, but only one can be chosen.

Choose one of the cabinet pictures and continue to the next question, which asks whether the kitchen will be in a home that’s got an overall Victorian style, rustic style, contemporary style, country estate style, classic colonial style or more of a laid-back beach vibe.

Answering that moves the quiz on to pictures of “mood boards,” featuring samples of different tiles, mosaics and other design features. Selecting the preferred mood board will then give the quiz all it needs to devise the perfect countertop for the specific kitchen.

The Kitchen Countertop Soulmate Quiz will give results tailored to a particular individual, so two different people will get two completely different suggestions. But regardless of the results, designers can get a huge help with their projects by answering just a few simple questions.

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