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7 Outstanding Landscaping Ideas ForIncreasing The Value Of Your Property

Landscaping is beneficial from all aspects – it increases the value of your property, improves your health and is great for environment too!

Here are some facts:

  • Trees Increase Property Value: A Perth-based study found that a broad-leafed tree standing in front of a home increases the value of the property by around $16,900.
  • Magic of a Leafy Street: The economic value of greenspace case study drawn up by Brisbane City Council observed that “leafy streets with 50% or more tree cover increased the median house sale price by up to $29,000 (5.4%).

Experienced garden maintenance specialists at Amico share their gardening tips for enhancing your home’s value.

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1. Have Well-defined Lawn Borders

If you are doing nothing to maintain your lawn, at least mow and edge your lawn. Well-defined borders of your lawn makes your garden look tamed, offering it the looks of lower maintenance, a great selling point.

Creating an edge is not hard and you can do that by using a sharp spade to separate your lawn and garden bed, fence or path. Other excellent alternative is to keep a physical barrier like stones, bricks, steel or timber.

2. Let Plants Solve Your Problems

If your property has any drawbacks like busy roads or peeping neighbours, you can solve them by growing plants. While plants may not create a complete visual barrier or protection from noise, they will bring improvement to the property from the buyers’ perspective.

Talk to the experts at your local garden centre about the specific environment (light, shade, soil and proximity to the coast) of your garden.

3. Weeding and Mulching

Mulching and weeding your plant beds will make your garden look low-maintenance as well as well-kept. Select a utility mulch like forest fines or pine bark, instead of the common ‘gardener-preferred’ alternatives like sugarcane and lucerne.

Utility mulches are neat to look at and looks are more important than function when you are selling your home. Also avoid mulches like dyed woodchip as they can deter your potential buyers.

4. Have a Limited Number of Plant Species

Lessening the number of plant species in your yard will make it look easier-to-maintain and uniform. However, there is even no need to be very rigid about limiting your favourites.

By far, some plant diversity should be present as it brings about biodiversity, increases flowering time, reduces pest attacks, is good for local ecology and overall looks more interesting.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

5. Develop New Lawn

There is no doubt that a lush lawn makes a home look fabulous. If your garden extends over a large area and you want an economical option, try Kikuyu. It’s around 50% less pricey than Buffalo grass. Thus, Premium Buffalo lawn in Sydney on 100 sq. metres of land will cost around $8.50 per sq. metre, while Kikuyu will cost only $4.50 per sq. metre.

If your lawn looks patchy or browned in winters, you have the option of oversowing with a lawn seed mix typically made of fescue and rye grasses. This will soon thicken up and offer the desired greenery to the lawn.

6. Add Form and Colour

Welcoming planters at entranceways featuring clipped topiary and bright flowering annuals or perennials in other pots in the garden will offer your garden an instant lift. But if you are selling your home, you can carry the potted plants with you for the garden at your new place.

7. Prune Regularly

Pruning will tidy up plants and trees and offer your home a well-maintained look. However, experts at Amico garden landscaping Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, also warn against getting carried away to make the garden look chopped bare!

Follow these tips to have a great value added to your home and get a good price!

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