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Attention Homeowners: Three Devastating Results of Neglecting One Annual Task

If you are a homeowner, you’re aware that you should be keeping an annual maintenance appointment for your furnace. However, there are two things that we are all sure of, and that is that we don’t have enough time or money to achieve every preventative measure that we should.

For you, this could mean skipping your afternoon gym session or neglecting to declutter your foyer closet to prepare for your winter coats. Unlike these innocent offenses, neglecting to inspect your furnace properly could affect your life in major and devastating ways.

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Cosmetic Irritation

While there are scents that can originate with your furnace, there is plenty of cause for the benign odour to permeate the residence. For example, an oily smell could indicate the need for a new filter or a clog somewhere else within the system. Another being a wet or “musty” smell, which could point toward a more irritating, yet completely vindicated cause by normal “wear and tear.” Routine maintenance checks can catch these issues before you need to invest in neutralizing odour spray for your home. Luckily, this side effect is more of a nuisance than an emergency.

Signals of Present Danger

But as dreadful as it is to consider, there are also more formidable smells that can infiltrate the home as well, because of neglect. The first that comes to mind as the poster child for red flags is the rotten egg odour. This could signify a much more significant issue than standing water, such as a gas leak. Chemical, electric, or smoky smells are much more familiar and would be much more quickly detected, yet just as harmful as the dreaded “egg.” If you were to catch a whiff of any of those above, you need to gather your family and exit the home as quickly as possible before contacting an authority on the situation. Your family’s safety is extremely more important than trying to find the cause or remedy by yourself.

Exponential Increase in Expense

Keeping good faith that you have not run into any dangerous issues concerning foreign gas inhalation, you still run the risk of breaking the bank. As pricey as an annual inspection may be, it is much more expensive to shell out for major repairs, and especially for complete gut and replacement. On average, a furnace inspection can cost a homeowner around one hundred dollars, while, an alternative (including installation) will average around three-thousand dollars. This means that the cost of replacement is equivalent to thirty years of annual inspections, which is a very common mortgage life.

Maybe it’s been a few years since your last inspection, remember that investing in your home and safety is vital. As Rhonda Katz once said, “Wise spending is a part of wise investing. And it’s never too late to start.”

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