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Bathroom Remodeling for the Elderly

Bathroom modification for senior living is a very good investment. Maybe you are responsible for the care of an elderly relative, or you want to plan ahead for your golden years. Be smart, ensure bathroom comfort and deter bathroom accidents.

However, you must account for the needs of the person who uses the bathroom. Consider the types of equipment that he or she must use regularly. Does he use a wheelchair or walker? Understand that elderly people need larger bathrooms to utilize this specialized equipment.

In addition, to additional space, bathrooms on the main level are ideal for convenience. Depending on factors such as health, many elderly people are not able to climb stairs numerous times a day. Yes, remodeling the bathroom for the elderly is very important. Take a look at the following bathroom accessories. Adelaide homeowners can use them to make bathrooms convenient and safer for elderly people.

Grab Bars-Grab use makes it easier for them to safely stand and sit without causing slips and falls. For instance, they are ideal for helping them in and out of showers and tubs.

Shower Seats- An handicapped or elderly person may need support seating if he has difficulty standing or supporting his weight.

Anti-Slip Coating- Adding anti slip coating to shower floors and bathtub bottoms will deter most slips and falls. Many bathroom accidents are caused by slippery shower and bathtub surfaces.

Walk in Showers- Walk in showers are safer for senior citizens because many are equipped with safety rails, shower seats and handheld showerheads.

These types of bathroom improvements and additions are ideal for senior citizens who live alone or with other family members. Bathroom accessibility and safety are very important when it comes to senior citizens. It makes it possible for them to utilize the bathroom without requiring help from anyone else. This is a huge plus for those who crave comfort, safety and independence in places such as the bathtub. Adelaide homeowners can ensure that their bathrooms are accessible for senior citizens.

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