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Captivating Decorative Gravels

Can you feel it in the air?

Summer is coming and this will see us all ambling in to our gardens to enjoy the sun, wafting breezes and some well-earned barbecues and lazy evenings watching the sun set.

Of course, it also means turning the tired looking space outside your window in to a reenergised, vibrant and eye catching extra room to your property. The winter debris should be removed and the landscaping refreshed. Where you wish for a change you can achieve it, without excessive outlay on landscaping materials.

Inexpensive doesn’t mean a cheap appearance

If you’re sceptical about cheap and cheerful landscaping, don’t be. Specialist gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Windlesham, Tadley and Newbury have excellent quality and competitively priced options. If your budget is limited, your choice needn’t be.

Decorative gravel and chippings

The most cost effective, easy to install and maintain, firm favourite landscaping option is to use decorative gravel and chippings.

Whatever design scheme, colour, texture, shape and areas to landscape that you have in mind, gravels present longevity, functionality and attractive solutions. From traditional and understated Cotswold Chippings in buff-yellow to sophisticated graphite grey slate chippings and elegantly warming Cheshire Pink Gravel, there is a perfect match.

Whether you want a large amount or a small 25kg DIY bag, decorative gravels can be bought simply, supplied quickly and at a cost that won’t turn your hair grey.

Where can decorative gravel be used?

The easy answer is almost anywhere.

  • Patios/terraces.
  • As features.
  • For mulching.
  • Around features.
  • Around drainage.
  • Pond edging.
  • Flowerbed/vegetable patch edging.

Local decorative gravels

Cotswold Chippings, South Cerney Gravel, Moonstone Gravel and Toffee Gravel are locally sourced decorative gravels. The Moonstone and Toffee are Thames Valley Flint, perfect for driveways as much as in gardens. Paths are more comfortable with 10mm gravels and driveways work well with robust 20-25mm chippings.

  • 20-5mm South Cerney Gravel has a charming buff-yellow appearance.
  • 20mm Cotswold Chippings are a classic landscaping choice.

For driveways and busy paths, it’s best to use South Cerney Gravel rather than Cotswold Chippings because the stones are stronger. (Some retailers confuse South Cerney Gravel with Cotswold Chippings.)

  • 20mm Toffee Gravel is rich brown and it lasts for several years.
  • Moonstone Gravel is available in 10mm or 20mm. It’s a mixture of black, white, brown and grey stones. 10mm Moonstone Gravel contains less brown tones.
  • 20mm Cheshire Pink Gravel is pink, plum, aubergine and purple.
  • 10mm White Dolomite Gravel will arrest the eye and makes a perfect contrast to black furniture or paving.
  • Blue, plum, green and graphite grey slate chippings are character filled and never disappoint.

Low, low maintenance

Landscaping experts strongly recommend laying membrane over the soil to stop weeds from poking through to the surface.

Consider a market leading product like Marropave which provides a robust framework to keep gravel tidy and to bear the weight of people and vehicles, if required.

Weeding or relaxing? It’s a no-brainer.

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