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Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Service In Victoria, BC

A carpet cleaning company might look great at first glance with its cheap prices, professional-looking technicians and amazing deals. However, do not judge a company from the way it looks. Professional-looking technicians might actually have no idea what they are doing and cheap prices might indicate poor service quality. For that reason, it is advisable to be very careful when choosing a carpet cleaning service in Victoria, BC from the many out there. Here are some helpful tips for you.

Do Some Research

Do not hire the first company you find. It is wise to conduct some research before making your decision. Word of mouth can be a good way to know of the best Oriental rug cleaning services in your area. Ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives. Listening to people’s experiences with different services can help you know who to hire and who to avoid.

The Internet is another good place to find a good carpet cleaning service in Victoria, BC. There are review sites with information and ratings on different cleaning companies. While online, read client reviews and comments on different companies and get a few names of companies with many positive reviews.


Ask how long a company has been offering carpet cleaning services in your area. The more experienced a company is the better. Choose services with several years in this business. Such companies have dealt with many clients and different types of carpets, and are likely to offer high quality services. Besides, carpet cleaning is a competitive business and a company would not last that long if its services are less than perfect.


Ask for a list of references. Any experienced, quality carpet cleaning company should be able to give references from their past clients. Ask your potential service provider if they will provide you with contact information for current or past clients who are willing to talk about their experiences with the company.


When choosing a carpet cleaning service in Victoria, BC, go for those with some sort of guarantee. It is important to have the guarantee in writing to avoid surprises or confusion later. A written contract ensures that the company follows through on the warranties. Avoid any oriental rug cleaning company that is reluctant to offer this.


Make sure that the technicians of your potential carpet cleaning service are certified by the relevant authorities. Certification is proof that the technicians have received extensive practical training and have passed the necessary tests. If a company does not have certified technicians, consider looking elsewhere.


Workers’ compensation and general liability insurance are important policies that a potential carpet cleaning service should have. You do not want to be held liable in case a technician gets injured while working in your office or home. Also, in case the technicians damage your property, you need to be sure that the company will take responsibility. An insured carpet cleaning service in Victoria, BC might be a little more costly than the uninsured ones, but it is worth the extra money.

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