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Don’t Want Curtains or Blinds? No Problem!

Dressing windows has never been easier or more imaginative. If curtains aren’t compatible with an existing décor and blinds don’t have enough appeal or match your personality this does not mean you are left with one of these two dispiriting options:

  • To have bare windows so the world can see you at work or play as it passes by.
  • Or have a window dressing which doesn’t have a positive impact on your life.

When you want a substantial, functional but attractive shield between your sanctuary and the bustle of people beyond the window, why not consider shutters?

Shutters have been popularly used for windows for centuries and they have never lost their charm or operational capacities, they have moved with fashion and interior design.

If your impression of shutters is that they all look the same and probably cost a small fortune, please think again. Shutter style, fit, size, tilt, no tilt, colours, stains and materials combine to make your shutters unique. Never settle for less than your vision of excellence, impact and elegance. Shutters vary just as clients are different. Made to order shutters offer few limitations.

Berkshire based companies including Smart Blinds, who has showrooms in Caversham and Thatcham, feature an array of options so whatever your tastes, budget or existing décor a professionally manufactured, sleek, fresh or traditional appearance is available locally and affordably. State of the art technology, innovation, style and design skills are at your disposal, enjoy them.

Again, if you suspect that you have a palate of whites, creams, beiges and magnolia, you couldn’t be more wrong. Blues, greens, red and neutrals, customised stains or colours and standard favourites are available.

The colour range is exceptional; many firms offer around 50 choices and Smart Blinds offers five wood types and 117 colour and stain finishes. Your shutters needn’t be a copy of every other shutter owners, you have freedom to let your imagination play.

Plantation shutters are the most familiar and popular choice in homes, offices and even boats windows, but there are alternatives.

If you don’t want to cover the entire window space with a full height shutter then you might like the Café style shutters which cover the bottom half of a window. This means there is a good flow of light but no possibility that nosy neighbours or door to door salespeople can see in. You have the best of both worlds. Keep the outside out and let the sun’s warmth pour in. Perfect.

There are also tier on tier, tracked, solid panels and shaped options so your space reflects who you are and what you want to do in it.

What to expect from your shutter expert:

  • Expertise, experience, empathy.
  • Domestic and commercial solutions.
  • An affordable, attractive range of shutters.
  • Free measuring and fitting.
  • A no obligation quote.
  • Made to measure shutters.
  • Top quality workmanship.
  • Guaranteed products.
  • A unique window shutter option that is you.
  • No hard sell.

Tempted? Then please contact a renowned window shutter specialist; you’ll be delighted with the results.

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