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Getting Rid of Rats Efficiently

You may not realise that the following provide ideal lodgings for rats:

• Air vents.
• Roof spaces and attics.
• Cavity walls.
• Bathrooms.
• Kitchens.
• Windows.
• Gardens.
• Bins.

You may also believe that DIY rat removal is less expensive and just as effective as seeking professional pest control Hampshire and Berkshire treatments. This is not so.

Getting rid of rats is a demanding task and it should be handled by professional pest controllers.  They have the experience, training and qualifications married with treatments which are not available in the public domain but are significantly more efficient at eradicating an issue.

Sadly, your local DIY store treatments are frequently just another food source to super rats, rats that have evolved to consume them without any ill effects. Your rat infestation will be mentally thanking you for your hospitality rather than vacating the premises, the opposite of the desired outcome.

Rats are keen competitors

Rats are intelligent, emotional animals who aren’t conveniently fooled by over the counter treatments in obvious locations. Expert pest control Hampshire and Berkshire specialists appreciate the need to think like rats and how to outwit them.

Rats only need a small space to wriggle through to get in to your property and they can gnaw through many building and landscaping materials. If you leave crumbs, nest materials or food stock where they can get to them, rats won’t be shy. Getting rid of rats isn’t a matter for reticence either. Professionals take a proactive, measured approach.

Rat removal service providers like Pest Control Berkshire will advise on preventative measures to diminish the need for professional treatments in the future.

If you find a dead rat…

Please avoid handling dead rodents. It may not be a welcome sight to have a rigor-mortis rat at the end of the corridor or half way down the stairs but don’t risk your health. Pest control Hampshire and Berkshire experts know how to handle them and they do it every day so leave rat removal, dead or alive, to them.

If you do feel compelled to remove them, maybe the managing director or royalty is paying a visit, then please ensure safety levels are exceptionally high by wearing a protective mask and gloves and by thoroughly disinfecting the affected area and any part of you that has come in to contact with the rat or rats.

There are rodent borne diseases like Salmonellosis and Tularemia which are thoroughly unpleasant and potentially life threatening. The former is in the Salmonella group, the latter in the Listeria and Legionella group. The call out fee for professionals is never a reason to risk severe illness or death.

Infection can arise from:

  • Breathing in contaminated dust.
  • Contact with infected pets.
  • Being bitten by an infected animal.
  • Handling infected animals.
  • Handling contaminated meat.
  • Eating contaminated food.
  • Drinking infected water.

Contact pest control experts about getting rid of rats safely and effectively. Act swiftly, enjoy professional lasting results and you’ll find that normal life resumes, rat free.

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