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Give Your Home a Great New Look

There are so many design styles to choose from that it may seem like an overwhelming task trying to decide on a style that works for you. At danetti, you can find dozens of pieces to enhance the look of your dining room or living room with ease. This article will give you a few design styles to choose from to make outfitting your home fun and easy.

Everyday Luxury

Does your taste in décor lean towards a more refined, opulent look? If that’s the case, the everyday luxury style is for you. Pieces that are included in the everyday luxury category feature exquisite detailing that make them eye-catching additions to your home. The best part is that they aren’t only beautiful to look at, they’re also functional additions to your space. There’s nothing worse than having gorgeous pieces in your home that are simply there to function as eye candy.

These aren’t pieces that are designed to just sit around collecting dust. Their superior quality makes them perfect for everyday use, while still bringing stunning style and a luxurious appearance to your space. Finishes and materials featured in the everyday luxury style include glass, veneer, and real leather.

Mid-Century Modern

If you have an eclectic style that shies away from traditional looks, mid-century modern is the way to go. Furnishings that fall under this category have an almost whimsical quality that you’re sure to appreciate. In other words, the style is far from stuffy. It’s welcoming and fun, which is something that someone with your unique sense of style is sure to appreciate. The best part is that the pieces still have a clean, modern feel, making them great additions to almost any existing décor.

The mid-century modern design doesn’t adhere to traditional aspects of furnishing styles. The goal is to blend traditional looks with unique aspects of design to create a more diverse look that is at home in both modern and non-traditional surroundings. This style is all about adding geometric shapes, organic curves and unique resources to pieces, then combining those aspects with clean lines and traditional resources. Pieces that are included in mid-century modern décor feature a culmination of sumptuous colour combinations and contrasting textures that are impactful and dramatic. An added bonus is that these pieces feature unique style options that allow them to be stacked, bent, folded or nested in some cases. It’s a space saving feature that you’re sure to appreciate.

Modern Colour wash

Do you have a bold style that’s drawn to vibrant colours? If so, modern colourwash is the style for you. The modern colourwash look is all about adding daring hues to your surroundings. You may believe that the only way to bring a pop of colour into your space is through the use of curtains and rugs. That is far from the truth. Broaden your colour horizons by adding pieces from the modern colourwash style.

Even if you believe that a brightly coloured chair set, table, or sideboard is a bit much for the aesthetic that you’re trying to create, think again. While the look does cater to vibrant pieces, they are combined with neutral hues to tone down the overall look. While you may have chairs in a bold colour, they’re enhanced by the addition of a glass table or a table in a neutral tone. Sideboards aren’t just covered in vibrant hues. They come in a blend of rich, striking tones that are combined with neutrals to ensure that the piece isn’t overwhelming. This beautiful combination of finishes harmonize well to help you achieve a well put together look.

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