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The days are gone when bathrooms used to be the least noticed places as far as style and place one wanted to be were concerned. These days, bathrooms are the places everyone wants to look expensive and as of now no matter how your bathroom used to look like, one can make them look better and stylish than before.

(i) USE WALL DECALS- You can use beautiful wall decals in your bathroom walls that may give it a classic look and may make you spend your whole day inside that bathroom tub.

(ii) STYLISH PAINT JOB- You can use some sharp and contrasting colors for your bathroom walls so that when you enter the bathroom it may not feel monotonous. Giving contrasting color will add some fun to the party.

(iii) STYLISH CURTAINS- You can use single shaded curtains for your windows or blinds for bathroom windows; they will give happy wheels demo the bathroom spacious feel and will make your bathroom look rich, bigger.

(iv) LETS HAVE SOME CHANGE- You need to change the previous things like soap case, mirror. For mirror you can exchange it with other room mirror or buy a vintage looking mirror for bathroom.

(v)FURNITURE CAN BE OF USE- You can use some furniture for the bathroom like table on which there will be things which you can use while you are inside the bath tub like paper magazine, soap case for your convenience

(vi) BATHMAT WILL DO GOOD- If you don’t have one I believe you need to buy one bathmat because it will give your bathroom a new feel, a classic feel which you will adore.

(vii) LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST- It is the final point but most important, keep the space clean keep your bathroom clean and it will look great.

So these were some key points to make your least important place look most expensive and stylish.



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