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Importance of Septic Tank Maintenace

A septic system is one of the most vital utilities in a home, but is often the most undervalued and overlooked. This system is constantly working in all instances to ensure that the waste that goes down your drain is properly treated and disposed of. Nevertheless, the shelf-life and operation of a septic system are largely dependent on proper maintenance and operation. A homeowner needs to take the lead in septic tank maintenance. Septic tank maintenance is invaluable to ensure that ground water pollution is averted. Various stakeholders need to chip in on this vital activity because once the groundwater source has been contaminated, people will be predisposed to a host of diseases such as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis and dysentery, not forgetting other serious health risks.

In Sexsmith and surrounding areas, there are pressing reasons for septic tank maintenance, as discussed below:

High Cost of Repairs

“We never miss the water until the well runs low,” so the saying goes. You never know the value of something until it breaks down. Septic systems play a crucial role in ours as already explained above. When these systems break down, they come with a rather hefty price tag in repairs or replacement. The major reason why the system fails is improper maintenance. Preventative measures can go a low way to safeguarding your system from failure. In fact, preventative measures are cheaper compared to the high costs that will be incurred in repairs or replacements. Research has sensationally revealed that a basic maintenance package only goes for between $100 and $300, compared to the cost of replacing a failing system that will require you to part with a whopping $3000 to $10000.

Safeguarding Health

Proper septic system maintenance ensures the health of all the stakeholders involved. You can rest assured that you have played your part in terms of your family, friends and the environment when you have properly maintained your septic system. Upon system failure, household water that has been inadequately treated will be flushed into the environment. This can be potentially harmful, especially when it comes into contact with people. Furthermore, when this water flows into the nearby groundwater, drinking water sources and wells become contaminated. When this water is consumed, it can cause a host of diseases.

Economic Health

Finally, proper septic maintenance contributes to the economic health of the Sexsmith community. Poor or failing septic systems have been shown to cause a decline in the value of properties. This can cause the requisite authorities to decline issuing permits to such properties and this can cause the economy of the area to stagnate. In addition, the local water streams and lakes which the community uses for recreational and commercial activities can be polluted and such activities may no longer be viable.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all the parties involved to safeguard their environment. For example, in the case of major events in areas where toilets are inaccessible, people can rent portable toilets in Sexsmith. There are many septic companies that offer portable toilets in Sexsmith at very affordable rates. Furthermore, these companies can work to keep your septic system in check at all times.

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