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Know the Difference between Quilt Duvet Coverlet and Bedspread

Bedcover are mainly used to protect bed from dust accumulation when it isn’t in use. It is part of bedroom decor mainly spread to enhance the appearance of the well-designed bed placed in the rooms. Some of the bedcovers can be used as light cover in summer or to cover you in chilled nights.

While selecting the outermost cover for your bed you need to consider varied aspects.

The aspects are:

  • The kind of bedspread you will prefer to cover your bed.
  • The quality of the fabric.
  • Will you be needing single layered, double layered or multiple layered bed covering?
  • Your budget.

As in market there are numerous choices to opt for, it is best to know, which will suit your home decor and will be elegant to spread on beds. In shopping malls, you can pick the best ones well stitched and designed with durable quality fabric reasonably priced.

Quilt, Duvet, Coverlet are some of the most popular ways to cover beds worldwide. All are quite applicable to be spread on beds as well as can be used as covers to sleep soundly.

Few lines on well utilised bedcovers

  • Quilt

It is one the traditional ways to dress up bed of any size since early centuries. Different fabrics are stitched together to form a long bed cover. It mostly has two sides combined together. Some quilts are designed to be used as blankets in winter days. These kinds of quilts are stuffed with fillets of cotton or feather fillets making it softer. Generally, warm fabric is placed underneath the patched pieces of cloth.

  • Coverlets

It is similar to quilt spread in every way, however mostly used to cover the bed. Thus, it doesn’t contain any lower thick layer like in quilt. The stitching threads are lesser compared to threads visualised on quilt spread. It may be even two long sheets of fabric stitched together bordered with a contrast colour fabric.

  • Duvet covers

As the name suggests, it is mainly designed to cover duvets. It is washable and has hidden zippers or buttons to secure the duvet correctly. Fitting warm layers underneath will help in using it as a bed cover.

To protect your quilt, there are well designed quilt covers available in shops. Hence, while customizing quilt make sure to have its cover too.

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