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Know the Pros and Cons of Wood, Aluminum and Upvc before Choosing Them for Your Doors and Windows

Deciding which raw material to use for fönster and doors is bit confusing. You have the option of choosing wood, aluminum or uPVC. All these three have their share of benefits that you need to consider, but eventually, it’s your personal taste and budget that matters the most. If you are in dilemma on what material to go for, then look for the pros and cons of each one of them as given below which will help you to narrow down your choice.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors add lot of class and beauty. However, it requires a lot of attention and care. If maintained correctly, it lasts for years. They are made from quality timber and are hard to break.

Advantages of wood

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Customization is possible
  • Has natural insulation properties
  • Very stylish

Disadvantages of wood

  • Require regular maintenance
  • Expensive than aluminum

Aluminum doors

Aluminum is considered an ideal material for doors in any modern homes. Aluminum comes in varied colors, sizes and is quite long-lasting and weather resistant making it ideal for making skjutdörrar. If installed properly, it meets all the environmental regulations.

Advantages of aluminum

  • One of the cost-effective option in the market
  • Comes in 4 standard color options
  • Easy to install
  • Virtually no maintenance

Disadvantages of aluminum

  • Insulation is dependent on varnishing selected

uPVC doors

Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride is comparatively a new material used for uterum and doors. It has been in use in Europe since years. uPVC comes with an excellent insulating quality. Though it is bit expensive, but is very attractive to look.

Advantages of uPVC

  • uPVC is known for insulation properties so it is highly energy efficiency.
  • It comes in many attractive designs and long warranties.
  • It also offers a tilt and turn option.
  • It is maintenance free also.
  • It is recycling in nature.

Disadvantages of uPVC

  • uPVC is more expensive over wood and aluminum.
  • Painting on uPVC windows and door make it even more expensive. That is the reason why people go for white uPVC.
  • They are less customizable compared to wood and aluminum windows.

So, before you choose any of the material, it is important to identify the right one based on your home needs. Wood, Aluminum or Upvc comes with their pros and cons, so it is important to choose the material very wisely considering its durability and cost in mind.

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