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Little Biting Critters

They bite, jump and poop and they terrify many humans. Fleas and bed bugs love your home almost as much as you do. In the winter they can thrive in warm comfortable surroundings and yes, they may even try to snuggle up to you and your pets.

Although it’s tempting to think that pests vanish in to the ether or die before frost and snow descends some will make it through the winter.

Before you evacuate your house, board it up and vow not to return until they’ve moved out, take a deep breath.

Discreet pest control Reading companies like Pest Control Berkshire have science, knowledge and technology at their fingertips. Critters beware!



  • Your pets scratch increasingly frequently.
  • Bite marks on the skin can be seen when fur is pulled back.
  • Bite marks on humans are approximately 5mm and cause irritation.
  • You scream (with joy, obviously) as you notice fleas jumping in the carpet or on upholstery and curtains.

Household fleas are not mini monsters and they won’t kill you. That should be comforting. Fleas are part of the natural world and your home is an inviting habitat for them.

Your neighbour three doors down might have a problem with them too. No one shouts about it but pest control experts know that you are never the only one.

Helpful measures:

  • Pets should be given regular flea treatment.
  • Hoover the pet beds, furniture and floors that your pets rest on.
  • Remove the vacuumed dust which will include household fleas, larvae and eggs in to a bag outside of the house. Don’t do this indoors or the critters may jump out and you’ll have to start again.
  • Did you know that vacuuming vibrations encourage the larvae to hatch? This helps you as you clean, believe it or not.
  • Don’t move furniture.

An adult flea is approximately 2mm, their swift jumping makes people panic but you will be fine.  Seeking advice from a pest control Reading expert is your best course of action.

Bed bugs

If the critter size is closer to 6mm then these are probably bed bugs. They feed on human blood too but they can live for a year without eating.

Their numbers have risen consistently in the last ten years as over the counter insecticides have proven less effective which is why professional treatments should be sought.

They reside in the cracks, seams and crevices of bedding in daylight hours so they can be tricky to spot.


  • A bite is often the first clue.
  • Dark stains or spots caused by excretions.
  • A sickly smell.
  • Shed skins.

Helpful measures:

  • Understand that bed bugs are not a reflection of cleanliness or personal hygiene standards. These critters can easily be brought in to the home.
  • Call in pest control Reading professionals.
  • Wash items at high temperatures.
  • Eliminate clutter.

Don’t worry; the fleas and bed bugs are moving out, not you.

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