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Pedestal fans buying guide

Fans are an important piece of machinery in our life. They are light on our pockets and while they don’t chill like the air conditioners they certainly do provide relief from the heat of the environment at only a very small fraction of the operating cost. They are very inexpensive to buy and easy to install without much professional help. The fan is a robust machine and with a little maintenance, the machine has a pretty long life.

There are various kinds of fans as they have evolved greatly since they were first introduced in the market. Fans are usually categorised into the following types:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Pedestal fans
  • Tower fans
  • Table fans
  • Exhaust fans

These are the general categories that are easily available in the local market. Recently a new type of fan, bladeless fan has been introduced in the market, the fan is very costly but very efficient in its working. It is a fan which has no blades at all. To know more about fan and its types, follow the link

Pedestal fans sit on a height variable rod.  These are the fans which have a long central rod which is as mentioned in the previous line adjustable in terms of its height. The pedestal fan is somewhat a fan which is required when the user needs a burst of air at a definitive height. The airflow can be angled to a certain region and the height can be varied as per the requirement. Even if a small sweep area is to be covered then the fans have an oscillation option which allows them to cover a certain sweep area in terms of providing airflow. The factors one should look out for before buying a pedestal fan are as follows:

  • Height: The fan as mentioned earlier has an adjustable height and thus height is a factor to look out for while buying a pedestal fan. happy wheels demo One should have a pre decided height range fixed and go for the products which are as such.
  • Motor capacity: The motor used in the fan should have power as required by the user. The motor should be of a power rating that it is able to provide the user with an air flow rate of what is required by him.
  • Built: The is a device which will be taken in regular use for most of the year in a country like India. Thus, the device needs to be sturdily built for the task and it should withstand this level of usage. Fans are devices which are expected to last long once after purchase and any unit which demands for regular repair and sorts is considered to a low graded product or defected one. The structure of the fan should also have a sturdy built as it has to withstand the constant handling.
  • Efficiency: The device should provide efficiency in terms of its airflow to power consumption as the whole idea of using a fan in comparison to an air conditioner is the initial cost and efficiency at a low investment.
  • Weight: The weight of the pedestal fan should not be very much as the fan is usually moved from one place to another wherever required and thus the weight of the fa should be as such that this process is easy for the user.
  • Blades: Blades provided in the fan should be of superior quality material and should be able to withstand the environmental damage for the long life of the fan.
  • Protection: The fan is to be used in the household in most of the cases and since pedestal fans have blades which are at a reachable height thus there is vulnerability of getting hurt from the blades rotating at high speeds. Thus there should be ample protection from the blades.


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