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 Signs That Scream “You Need a New Mattress”

One of the most important steps to take to increase your energy levels and feel rested each day is to find a comfortable bed to sleep in during the night. The mattress that you use will determine the quality of sleep that you receive and can affect your cognitive function. When you’re considering purchasing a new mattress, there are a few signs that your old product is no longer adequate to use.


Sagging is the most common sign that a mattress is no longer offering proper support due to springs and foam that begin to break down over time, according to The fibers of the materials may also start to compress, which can make it easy to suffer from back pain due to dips that form on the bed. It’s important to replace the mattress once the sags are one to two inches deep, which will put excess strain on vulnerable areas of the body.

Old Age

An easy way of determining if your mattress should no longer be used is if it has exceeded its expected lifespan. Most mattresses are built to last an average of seven to 10 years. Although you may not have any complaints about the mattress, your body may become accustomed to the materials but can begin to have issues that develop over time.

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Restless Nights

Many people assume that they’re suffering from insomnia or sleep issues because they have difficulty sleeping at night. The mattress can be the cause fatigue due to a lack of comfort that is available with the bed. You should consider upgrading your mattress if you never feel rested when waking up each morning.

Squeaky Noises

Mattresses shouldn’t make squeaky noises when you turn over in bed or if your partner lays down to rest. The grinding of metal can be easy to get used to but shouldn’t be accepted once it begins. Loose bolts and screws can also be the cause of noises, but is a common sign that the materials are beginning to wear down and that you need a better foundation with what you’re sleeping on.

It can also be easy to notice that you’re snuggled up next to a sharp object or part in the mattress, which can be unsafe to have in close contact with your body. Sharp springs aren’t meant to be felt when you lay down on the foam.


Allergies are a common inconvenience and can make it difficult to feel at ease each night. The allergies may be caused by dust mites, mold, and mildew that form in old mattresses that trigger reactions. Purchase a new product that is hypoallergenic at an online mattress store, which shouldn’t cause you to sneeze or itch your eyes at night when it’s time to hit the hay.

Aches and Pains

According to, you may also wake up with aches and pains that affect you throughout the day. You shouldn’t have sore joints or body parts after you lay in bed for several hours.

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