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Some Basic Facts About Ductless Air Conditioning

Simply sitting around your house need not be a sweaty affair. However, the high cost of having central air conditioning has made a number of people question whether they may just be better off contending with the discomfort and sweat.

You home is your solace and should be a place where you can sit back and be comfortable. During summer, air conditioning is needed to ensure that you are comfortable.

For many property owners in New Jersey looking to avoid the costly expense of having complicated traditional HVAC systems installed, ductless heating and cooling systems are the solutions. Although there are various types of “non-duct” air conditioning systems, here we focus on ductless units in Lodi NJ.

The Basics

Also known as mini-split air conditioners, ductless systems have three main components:

  • An outdoor compressor/condenser that pumps cool air to the indoor components
  • One or more indoor units that are mounted on the ceiling or wall and that release cool air into the room.
  • A connecting conduit that house the power cable, refrigerant cooling tubes, and a condensate drain.

With mini-split systems, you don’t need to install ducts in your attic or walls. If you’re thinking about installing new air conditioning in your home, but live in a place with no duct works, or you want to switch to a more energy efficient system, then ductless systems are your best option. That is, however, not the only reason for choosing this type of air conditioning system.

Why Go for Ductless Air Conditioning?

Even though the upfront cost of installing ductless installations in Lodi NJ is usually higher than that of window AC units or central air conditioners, there are a number of reasons behind most property owners’ preference for them.

Better energy efficiency

Ductless systems outperform other non-duct performing systems when it comes to energy consumption. Reports have shown that you can save up to 30% on your overall energy costs with mini-split systems.

Easier installation

Even though you might still want to have a HVAC professional do the installation for you, mini-split air conditioners are a lot easier to set up than ducted central air conditioning systems. Having a technician help you is still wise, though, if you’re handy, you can likely install your unit by yourself.

Better for allergies

Condensed moisture, debris, and dirt can accumulate in ducts over time, and this may lead do some grave health concerns for people who suffer from allergies. Cleaning traditional HVAC systems can be a complicated, expensive process. But with ductless units in Lodi NJ, you need not worry about that.

Less audible

Window air conditioners typically have a louder decibel when running. On the other hand, ductless air conditioners cool your home as effectively as central air conditioners and do so without the accompanying noise.

Greater control of temperature

Whereas central air cools the whole house, ductless installations in Lodi NJ only cool the rooms they are in. depending on your needs, mini-split air conditioners can cool either one room or several rooms. They offer the flexibility of controlling the temperature in individual rooms.

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