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Some Crucial Home Maintenance Tips

Whether you rent or own a home, occasional maintenance and upkeep are crucial to avoiding big expenses down the road and staying happy and healthy in your living space. There are multitudes of home maintenance sites a Google search away, and many of them are helpful. The following article will narrow the scope a bit by listing of some of the most crucial home maintenance tasks that you can do yourself, or contract out for, depending upon your DIY skills and whether you value your time or your money more.

If you are constantly busy or forgetful, a common but highly solvable problem is deciding when to get started on crucial home-maintenance tasks. To solve this, there are a number of apps that can help you schedule a task, for instance Google Calendar or Remember the Milk (RTM). RTM has a free version that is easy to use and stocked with plenty of useful features, including dozens of types of reminders.

General Tips for Both Homeowners and Renters

A tangible benefit that apartment dwellers enjoy is that most of the maintenance tasks are taken care of. But as with homeowners, your pocketbook will likely suffer in the long run in the case of damage resulting from failing to address some crucial things.

Be proactive and avoid plumbing problems.

Avoid pouring grease, coffee grounds or semi-solids down the drain. In the bathroom, don’t allow hair to accumulate in the drains. Water damage from leaks can result in mold, mildew and rot, while termites and carpenter ants love wet wood. About twice a year, look closely at all your faucets, drains and inside your cabinets for dark spots, dampness and drips. Re-caulk and regrout immediately if you discover a leak, or, if necessary, contract out for professional help. For a good home plumbing company that can solve pretty much any plumbing problem you could have, visit http://www.morningnoonandnightplumbing.com.

Also, turn completely off any and all shut-off valves you have, including for your washing machine. Do this twice a year to avoid these valves becoming stuck.

Maintain Your Refrigerator and Check Your Other Appliances

Dirty refrigerator coils are inefficient, meaning they use more electricity to keep your food cool, and grimy coils can potentially lead to your fridge breaking down completely. First, unplug the fridge and locate whether the coils are in the front or back. You may need to move it from the wall if they are in the back. Use a vacuum and bucket of soap to get the coils thoroughly clean so you can forget about them until next year.

For all of your appliances, it is advisable to check and see if any of them have been recalled. Consumer Reports has reported that, though relatively rare, defective appliances can result in property damage and even injuries or death if they cause a fire. To make sure none of your appliances are ticking time-bombs, write down the model and serial number of every appliance and check out recalls.gov to find out what you need to do if there is indeed a recall out for your appliance, or breathe a little easier if everything checks out.

Lastly, one of the most crucial issues for a homeowner is to protect your foundation. If anything is seriously amiss with your foundation, from uneven settling to cracks, you could eventually be left with a shocking repair bill. The biggest cause of foundation problems is water leaks. Make sure the grade from your foundation walls is at least 6 inches over 10 feet and that downspouts are at a minimum 5 feet from your house.

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