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SOSTAC Planning System

For the Online Reputation Management New York company, it is important for them to understand what they are currently doing to promote their products and what they can do to improve this and what the outcome would be when they allocated a percentage of their budget to these ideas in the marketing plan for more profit and exposure.

When it comes to the SOSTAC planning system, it first starts with a situational analysis, followed by the objectives, followed by strategy, followed by the tactics used, followed by the actions and this leads you to the end which is the control. The first step which is the situational analysis is where you do your SWOT which is figuring out your product or services strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, along with your KPI’s and trends, the customer insights, the why and how, and your 5S’s. it is important to always analysis the market trends, competitor analysis, and the internal resources and capabilities. After this, you would then see where you want the company to be and then you figure out your marketing objectives and the 5S’s once again which is to sell which is the customer acquisition and retention, serve which is your customer satisfaction, sizzle which is the wow factor, speak which is to engage your customers and to save which is the efficiency. When you go into strategy, you need to think of the stop and sit which the stop is the segments, target markets, objectives and the positioning and the sit is the sequence, integration, targeting and segmentation. You then move on to your tactics and here you look at your marketing mix which is your 10 p’s and these include your product, price, promotion, place, production, people, planet, packaging, profit, and you also take care of the communications mix, content plan and the contact plan.

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