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Stacked Stone: Natural Ways to Enhance Homes Inside and Out

Stacked stone is a great way to use natural stone material to enhance the look of a home inside and out, whether it’s paneling around a fireplace in a cozy living room or using the unique design of these ledger panels to create a captivating surround for the entrance to a house.

Using stacked stone makes for a three-dimensional appearance by arranging pre-cut panels to resemble split-face rock, but with much less installation hassle. That’s because the panels have the look of natural stone but are veneers that are applied to surfaces with mortar. This makes the panels much lighter, cheaper, and easier to fit design projects than huge slabs of natural stone.

The veneers are available in a wide range of design including quartzite, travertine (which is a type of limestone) and marble, and the right choice will depend on the home improvement project.

For example, travertine panels in various shades of beige, gold, and cream and stacked in different sizes of rectangular and square shapes can help build a dramatic entrance to a home. Using the panels to cover the sides and above the front door of a house will make the place truly stand out.

However, many homeowners prefer to use stacked stone inside, and thankfully the veneer panels available work just as well on the interior regardless of the size of design project.

One way to use the panels is with dark black marble panels that resemble charcoal, arranging them in same-sized rectangles to create linings for kitchen cabinets and other units, and even as a backsplash. This will make any kitchen look not only rustic but also elegant.

Another natural stone to use for stacked stone veneer panels is quartzite, which is a naturally occurring rock that is often used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. But it works just as well for stacked stone panels, adding an extra level of beauty to any home project.

Consider making a big design statement by easing rectangular travertine panels colored in an earthy green hue to cover an entire living room wall for something that will catch any visitor’s eye.

Or use travertine panels on a slightly smaller scale, with one option being to use thin panels shaded in blue, white, and gray –  and flecked with rust coloring – to cover smaller walls or units. Much like the charcoal panels in the kitchen, this will create a warm and rustic appearance.

For a brighter look, use travertine panels colored in light shades of gold, gray, and white to build an impressive surround for a fireplace, television nook, or other feature in the living room. The 3D visual of the stacked stone will create an interesting focal point in the room without providing a major distraction from the television, fireplace, or whatever else it might be surrounding.

Whether the home design project is for the interior or exterior, it’s hard to go wrong with the proven attractiveness of stacked stone, a great way to use natural stone to improve a house.

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