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Published on June 10th, 2017 | by admin


Stacked Stone: Top Tips to Build the Perfect Fireplace Surround

Stacked stone is becoming an increasingly popular design feature in homes because it projects a three-dimensional and eye-catching way to cover walls, and one of the most frequent ways that homeowners use it is to build a beautiful wall surround for their fireplaces.

Thankfully stacked stone is fairly easy to install without professional help, because the panels are light and don’t require expensive tools to apply. Stacked stone is a combination of thin veneer panels that have actual natural stone affixed to the front. Panels of varying heights, widths, and depths are then laid around each other to give the appearance of a pile of stacked stones.

The panels are available with a range of stones attached to them including granite, slate, and marble, among other materials. So once the homeowner has decided which type of stone and pattern to use, they should follow the below tips to ensure they achieve the fireplace surround they want. 

  • Find and read the instructions that come with the panels, even if this kind of project has been done before – it could save a lot of stress later on if something goes wrong.
  • Ensure that the measurements for the fireplace surround are accurate, it doesn’t hurt to double or even triple-check them before starting the installation. As part of this preparation, it’s important to also buy about 10 percent more stacked stone panels than the project requires, because this will leave some backup tiles in case of errors or waste.
  • Designers should check that they have all the physical tools necessary for installation before starting, because it can be frustrating to begin then realize an important tool is missing.
  • Once work begins it’s vital to set down some floor coverings (tarps, drop cloths, newspaper, etc.) because the work of installing will create some mess. It’s going to be a lot easier to clean up and prevent damage to the floor if you have it covered in advance.
  • A good way to guarantee that the panels are installed correctly is to place them on the floor first, and use chalk to create the outlines of where they will go around the fireplace.
  • The chalk outline is also a great way to ensure that the panels are installed evenly, because designers don’t want to set a line of stacked stone and then find it’s laid at an angle. Use a measuring level to make sure that the panels will be perfectly horizontal.
  • Depending on the project, it might be necessary to cut certain panels to fit them around the fireplace. If that’s the case, keep track of which panels are being cut so that the work continues without any frustrating surprises later on.

In addition to the tips above, it’s also a good idea to search for videos online that walk through the process of building a stacked stone fireplace surround. Using all of the above information will give homeowners everything they need to build the fireplace surround of their design dreams.

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