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Stone and Gravel Mix and Match

Paving stone options and gravel choices are extensive and to the owner of a garden or driveway that needs an overhaul it can seem daunting to try and mix and match materials.

Helpfully, expert stone and gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel can help you choose between materials and advise on their suitability for certain tasks.

For example, some gravels crumble under car weight whilst others can bear the pressure and if you’re seeking driveway paving how do you choose the right material and size of paving?

Speaking to professionals can remove doubts, bring confidence and peace of mind. That’s what they are there for. Far too many customers browse and feel that asking questions is

“being a bit of a nuisance.” Not so.

Would you spend money on a holiday without seeking information about the accommodation, flights and resort? No, so why would you landscape your property’s exterior without obtaining knowledge?

Here are a few ideas to set your garden planning mind in to action:

Why not team white dolomite gravel with black slate for an enchanting contrast?

A patio of 600mm x 600mm/600mm x 300mm paving stones in black slate will work excellently with the vibrant white of the dolomite gravel which has the capacity to shine in sunlight thanks to its quartz content.

(Slate is not suitable for driveways.)

A rich brown, gold and russet colour scheme can be delivered with Toffee Gravel which is comprised of hard wearing Thames Valley Flint and the use of Indian sandstone paving.

The paving can be in circles for features or in traditional slabs. Lay Modak sandstone paving that charms and accent this with the 20mm sized gravel.

For a vibrant colour palate of pinks, reds and purples there’s Cheshire Pink Gravel and compliment this with the extraordinary Travertine antiqued paving in warm walnut 400mm x 600mm slabs.

The paving has hints of reds and plums in it and can be used inside and outside a property so if you wish to carry the paving from the interior in to the exterior space this superb stone and gravel combination will enhance the appearance and offer warm shades even on the dullest of winter days.

Global Stone, one of the leading paving companies, offers this majestic paving in project packs to cover an area of 7.68 metres squared.

Neptune Limestone is another Global Stone product and this offers a classic paving option with an elegant finish and natural veining. Product packs cover 7.2 metres squared and when used with Moonstone Gravel, Thames Valley Flint in black, white and brown stone the visual impact is impressive.

For all out opulence try Morning Mist marble paving, again from Global Stone and their stockists. This can be used indoors and out and is black, grey and white with unique veining.

Packs cover 7.2 metres squared. To add sparkle try Flamingo Gravel in white, blue, green and pink with quartz.

The world of stone and gravel is waiting to be explored.

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