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The most effective way for window and surface cleaning of buildings

When you choose aerial lift rental services from an established firm, two key factors drive your decision. Firstly, you look out for the effectiveness of the cleaning services. The safety of the process also makes itself count. It is important to have the right equipment at the disposal. When you approach the right company, the professionals use truck mounts, spider lifts and other necessary equipment. Never compromise with the safety of your building for cheap services, as inexperienced hands may cause damage to the structure.

While hiring an aerial lift, the professionals take the following factors into consideration.

Reach of the lift

The reputed companies customize the equipment as per the needs of their clients. The truck mounted lifts should be able to reach any height. Generally, they are engineered to reach heights between 65 feet and 230 feet. They also have an extensive range of side reach, around 115 feet. This makes it possible to reach any area of the building and decrease the service time.

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Capacity of the lift

When you hire boom lift rental services, the experts determine the necessary capacity of the lift. This is determined according to the nature of the task to be executed. The professionals evaluate the equipment that the lift will carry, number of persons on the lift and the overall weight. In order to accommodate more people on the lift to accomplish the task faster, the capacity of the lift may have to be increased.


Before the company decides the size and capacity of the bucket trucks, it is necessary to get a clear idea about the dimensions of the site. You may have narrow aisles and doorways in between, through which the vehicle may not be able to pass. The experts determine the accessibility of the area to be cleaned before choosing the equipment.

Floor surface

The lift may have to ascend or descent certain slopes at the site. This too, has to be considered while determining its capacity. Moreover, the floor surface should be able to support the weight of the vehicle without developing dents. When you contact a reputed firm, they do these researches to ensure safe services.

Collaborate with the company to determine the equipment required for the services. Professional companies not only cooperate with their clients, they come up with better suggestions as well. Hire aerial lift rental services from an accomplished firm for quality services.

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