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The Right Natural Materials to Construct a Log Home

Living in a log home can be a dream come true. If you are set on constructing a log house with authenticity, there are a few things that you need to learn. Many companies offer log home kits or factory prefab frames, but the materials used are often inferior to true wood logs. Here are some facts that can help you start your project with natural materials. You can be sure that your house will be standing well into the next century.

Types of Wood

There is no specific type of wood that is considered superior to another. There are over 2 dozen species of wood that are commonly used in the United States for building
log homes. Softwoods seem to be a favorite. Many of these include evergreens such as pine, cedar, fir, cypress, hemlock and spruce. Look for the most inexpensive timber and the most reasonable price for transportation when selecting your natural logs unless you are set on a particular species.

Treating your Wood

No matter what species of timber you decide on, making sure that it is protected against bugs, rot and disease is absolutely crucial. Borate wood preservatives are recommended by almost anyone that has much experience with treating logs. Borates are widely used to improve the durability of wood and wood-based construction products, such as logs in building a log home. They are also used as a fire retardant. Spray down the logs with the recommended Borate solution and allow to air dry. Cover if there is rain in the forecast to prevent rainwater from washing away active ingredient.

A Proper Foundation

Any home is only as good as the foundation that holds it. Although logs are sturdy enough for the amount of weight that will be carried, soil and rainwater can soon destroy the structure of wood. Always plan on setting a firm foundation at least 18 inches above the ground in order to protect your logs. Concrete is a good choice for foundations. Stones can also be used but are more difficult to maneuver and to set evenly.

Finding Logs for Building

The cheapest way to find logs for your project is to purchase ground that has an existing wooded area. You will need to clear an area anyway and the timber will be free of charge! If you are building where there are not any trees available, contact a local lumber mill. The closer that you can find a source, they more you will save on transportation costs.

Constructing a log home takes education and determination. If you are up to the job, contact The Log Home Builders Association (LHBA) to sign up for classes in building your own log home. They also provide support, forums and new tips for members that are serious about design and construction.

By using the right materials, planning every detail and belonging to a supportive group of home builders that understand what you are up against, that dream of a new log home can materialize.

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