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Use of the spiritual candles in different religions

Candles are the fascinating objects. Candles have been used for many years. The reasons behind using candles can be spiritual, practical or ceremonial. Candles show the unity, love and peace. The symbolic use of candle is found in many religions. Wisdom products provide various types of candles in a different color. Each color stands for particular purpose.

The spiritual candles are burnt for meditation and it is being used by many spiritual groups for a spiritual purpose. Burning the candle reduces the negative impact around you and brings peace and tranquility. The reversible candle is also used for spirituality reasons. It is believed by many religious groups that this candle sends back the evil effect or magic spell.

Importance of candles in different religions

Christianity – in Christianity use of candle is in vogue since centuries before conducting prayers.  It is also used in offering condolence.

Judaism -the use of candles on the religious holidays or on the festivals is common. The candles play the role of peace and rest in Judaism.

Buddhism -there is candle festival in Buddhism where large group people gather with beautiful colored candles and march towards the Buddhist shrines. Lighting of the candle is the symbol of enlightenment of Buddha. The candle they hold represents unity, willpower and belief.

Spirituality behind the candle

Candles are used to celebrate many occasion and special ceremonies. It is also used as an affirmation of positivity and peace of mind. When you burn the candle, the light brings the positive thoughts and positivity in your subconscious mind. There are some ideal times to light the candle. Candles represent different spiritual energy based on their color.

Candles make the ambience fresh. Burning the scented candles at home spread fragrance which relaxes the mood and atmosphere. These types of candles are available in different shapes which make it ideal to be used as the decorative items.

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