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Using solar panels to generate electricity, here is how to use an inverter with solar panels

Solar energy is one of renewable and conversable source of energy. It will remain there till there is sunlight, so it is better to use this unlimited source of energy. The solar energy can be changed into electricity by silicon cells fitted in the solar panel. You can place these solar panels in an area of your house that receives maximum sunlight during the whole day. And for this place your terrace is the best place.

If you want to use the solar panels to generate electricity, then you need to convert DC generated by the plates into AC to be used the electric appliances. For this purpose you need an inverter to convert the DC into AC, as all the electric appliances use the alternate current for their operations and also the direct current using appliances take AC as an input and then get it converted into DC.

How to attachan inverter to a solar panel?

The solar panel produces DC supply and this supply needed to change before used by the electric appliances. For this purpose the inverter is attached to the output wire if the solar panel the energy is changed to AC before it is supplied or the household or for industrial use. The inverter is used between the solar panel plates and the appliances using electricity produced by the solar panel.

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How to choose a good inverter for your use?

Before choosing inverters to convert your electric power produced by your solar panel, you have to take care the output of your solar panel as well as the capacity of your inverter chosen. This balance in capacity of your inverter and your solar panel, enables to work your home grid more effectively and efficiently.


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