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Warehouse Storage Still Stores Your Profits Safely

Warehouse storage as an industry is very much alive and well, and even in some areas, trendy.  Where regulation plagues many large industries – for example, oil or Big Pharma – the fact of the matter is that the revival of the housing market means that storage is more relevant than ever.  If people are moving into new houses, that means that they need a place to store all their belongings.  As a result; they are more needed than ever.

Warehouse storage has also unexpectedly become somewhat “trendy”, in a sense.  There are several reasons for this.  First, the trend of “tiny homes” has very much taken off in recent years.  First; millennials are more interested in spending money on “experiences rather than stuff”, as reported by a recent CNBC article.  What does this mean?  This means that instead of saving up for the luxury care, home system, or clothes; millennials might be more prone to travel through a unique country.  Even the thrift market has seen a boom under millennials, with smash hits like “Thrift Shop” proving that millennials, the generation that is coming into disposable income, are more interested in purchasing something edgy, ironic, or sustainable than, say, a luxury purse or briefcase.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t buy things – clearly, they do.  It means that they are more conscious of their purchases.

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Warehouse storage has also had more than spending trends to account for its revival.  Shipping containers, in general, have been used for more than just showing off a clever and sustainable tiny home.  In both Las Vegas and Austin, two prominent U.S. tourist attractions; there are actual bars made from shipping containers.  There is a novel “industrial feel” to moving through a container that has appealed to even the nightlife of these cities!  The storage trend is more than about just the environment, or a housing trend.

Warehouse storage is also alive and well for the most obvious reason – the housing market.  Millennials are “leaving the basement to buy homes”, according to Bloomberg, who reported this in February 2018.  This means that belongings need to be stored as young adults transition to their new homes to build their families.

Warehouse storage is in an interesting intersection – a profitable venture in a growing industry that isn’t being threatened.  Whether it is the taxi industry or telemarketing; certain sectors are considered risky because of possible developments in technology or artificial intelligence.  Despite these trends – something as fundamental as needing a place to store things is a need that isn’t going away anytime soon.  Forbes estimates that the average ROI on a self-storage facility is 11%, which is a considerable number, considering the efficiency with which these warehouses can be operated, and the minimal overhead.  Warehouse storage will be storing belongings – and profits – for a long time.

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