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What Makes Impact Driver the Most Demanding Power Tool among People

Cordless drill is a highly versatile device that makes one of the inevitable tools for construction and home improvement projects. Whether used for making pilot holes or driving screws, the remarkable efficiency it provides is very difficult to beat. There is one more driver that proves to a wonderful addition to your tool kit.

It is an impact driver. These drivers are best suited for drilling through hard surfaces of plywood, building decks, installation of tile backer board, and for several other jobs that need driving a large sized bolt or screw into hardwood.

What is the difference between an electric drill and an impact driver?

On the outside, both these devices look very similar. When it comes to area of use, speed, precision and efficiency, you will soon realize the difference in both these tools. The procedure using which they load the bits are also different. In case of an electric drill, there is a keyless chuck that takes in several round and hexagonal shaped shank bits.

These bits are held securely at one place by merely twisting the chuck. On the other hand, in case of an impact driver, there is a collet that takes in one-fourth inch of hexagonal bits of shank driver. When the collect is pulled forward, insertion or release happens.

The main purpose of using an impact driver is to drive bolts and screws. It is for this task that this device is specifically designed. A cordless drill can be used for several different types of home improvement projects. Impact driver works by concussive force.

This force helps in driving a screw inside the surface of the wood. It can easily deliver 2 to 3 time’s higher torque as compared to a drill machine. There are lesser chances of twisting of the wrist and strip screws. The additional force helps you drive them with greater precision.

On addition of this useful device to your arsenal, you can get even more efficient as you get from a traditional electric driver. All you need is to invest in some one-fourth inches of hexagonal bits that are available to suit any form of the screw head. The best part of impact driver that makes it a must have tool is that its bits are designed to bear more torque easily.

One downside of these drivers is that to use them you need to get the hang of it. It does not have an adjustable clutch as present in case of a drill. Also, you would find these drivers to be noisy. To prevent any sort of such discomfort, wearing hearing protection aids would be the best way.

How to choose the right type of impact driver for your project

  • Read reviews

Impact driver is available in a variety of brands, models and prices. On NuttyDIY.com, you will get genuine, informative, and precise reviews on a wide range of electric drills. The professionals and technicians at this company perform several number of tests on different aspects and feature of the tool to arrive at a conclusion. Reading these best quality reviews will equip with all the information that you would require to form a right decision.

  • Learn about their features

Impact drivers help in drilling long screws. It generates a high amount of torque that makes it an overwhelming plus point over standard drivers and drilling machines. So, learn about your project and the amount of torque it needs to accomplish it in a better way. Based on the identification of the requirement you can then choose the right impact driver for your job.

  • Choose one according to work requirement

An impact driver that has small bits can perform the function of a drilling machine. On the other hand, the one with big bits generates significant torque which makes it capable of boring large sized holes into a surface.

  • Know the sound that it makes while operation

Before considering an impact driver, you need to check how much sound it makes while working. If the sound is unbearable then to reduce the impact of sound, you can wear ear plugs and hearing aids. Ask the dealer to suggest the right alternative to ease your experience of drilling.


An impact driver will not be a replacement for your cordless drill or driver. Instead, it will definitely help in the expansion of your abilities. Having it in your toolkit would definitely boost your work efficiency, accuracy, perfection and speed to a significant extent.

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