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What Material to Use for Railings?

A beautiful staircase railing has the potential of becoming a stunning focal point in any home. In fact, the staircase is an accent piece by nature. It has been an eye-catching material from the beginning, and its status never changed. In fact, it became more and more important. Handrails outdoor and indoor both have the same purpose in that they both provide safer conditions to individuals using the stairs. The major difference is that the outdoor railings are subject to weather conditions which require different materials than those required for indoor railings.

There are many considerations which you should keep in mind when choosing outdoor stair railings.

Things to consider when buying handrails

Few things that you need to keep in mind before choosing a handrail design:

  • stair design,
  • matching thecolor with your home walls,
  • materials that will be resistant to weather
  • and climate conditions.

There are so many materials available for railings with different advantages and disadvantages.Beautiful staircase railing is defined by several aspects, the design is of course, very important but it’s the handrail that makes it stand out. A handrailprovides safety and protection to a wonderful design detail. Materials that can be used in designing an aesthetically appealing and durable railing includes

  • wood railings,
  • metal railings,
  • wrought iron,
  • stainless steel hand rail system,
  • stone marble
  • granite railings,
  • aluminum,
  • vinyl
  • fiberglass railings.

Which material will suit you?

Wood railings give a classier and rustic look. These railings may also be painted just to meet the surrounding and enhance its appeal. But these outdoor railings need to be sealed to protect against weather conditions such as rain, snow, heat and UV rays. Metal handrails tend to have an industrial-style influence. Metal railings are durable, strong or if you are looking for less maintenance in your railings, you will probably buy metal railings. They can also be painted according to thecolor of house and design. Some are simple and unadorned while other may be pre-molded to various designs. Wrought iron or stainless-steel design are typically associated with elegance. You will often see near glass doors.

The fabricated and hollow rods of wrought iron railings are usually chosen for a lighter and more delicate appearance. You will see stainless steel for outdoor railings. The most classic look of all railings will be those of Stone marble or granite railings, and you will always require professional to install them because they are heavier, more fragile and vulnerable to cracking.

Aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass railings are inexpensive railings, if your budget is small then these are the best.Although they are more durable in harsh conditions and of course they do not provide the class and beauty offered by other railings.A very modern combination in the case of modern staircases is that between wood and metal. And the resulting design is usually between classical and contemporary.  A full handrail maintenance guide is available on SHS website.

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