Essential Things to Know About Renting the Dumpster: A Quick Overview

When working on a large DIY project like demolishing or remodeling a house, a person might end up with a massive amount of garbage that cannot fit in regular garbage bins. It’s when one must look for a temporary solution, i.e., dumpsters for rent, to dispose of the waste. When ordering the dumpster for the first time, it’s normal to have concerns or questions. From determining the container size to scheduling delivery, this article discusses some key things that one must know to rent a dumpster. 

·  Determine the Amount of Waste

Before looking for dumpsters for rent, an individual should determine how much waste he will toss. For instance, if he has already started demolishing old bathroom cabinets or ripping the old floors, consider estimating the amount of garbage he could have afterward. 

·  Pick a Dumpster Size

After knowing the amount of waste an individual needs to dispose of, he can appropriately select the right dumpster size. One will not want to overload the container and have waste products hanging over the sides, but it’s not worthwhile to overspend on a big dumpster. Dumpster sizes can vary from rental company to company, but the most common options are 10, 15, 30, 30, 40, and 50 cubic yard containers. 

·  Get Quotes

For an upfront price, consider searching for local dumpster rental companies and providing them with accurate information to get a precise quote. When asking for quotes, communicate crucial details like delivery address and zip code, type and amount of waste, dumpster size, rental period, permits required, etc. Rent for the dumpster can range from approximately $290 to $500, depending on the container’s size and rental period. 

·  Secure Permits 

Sometimes, a homeowner might need a permit to rent and place a dumpster in the neighborhood. It depends on where he thinks of placing the dumpster during use. No permit is required when keeping the container in his driveway or elsewhere on the property. But securing a permit is necessary if one wants to use a street or other public space to keep the dumpster. 

·  Check Reviews

While exploring the dumpsters for rent, don’t skip checking reviews. It will help an individual know whether the company provides durable, sturdy dumpsters, offers timely pickups and deliveries, has excellent communication, and doesn’t charge hidden costs. 

·  Consider Weight Limits

Always keep in mind that dumpsters have weight limits. For instance, a 10 cubic yard dumpster is ideal for holding a maximum of 1 or 2 tons of garbage, while a 50 cubic yard dumpster can hold up a maximum of 7-8 tons of waste. If a homeowner wants to toss heavier items, like broken bricks or concrete, it’s worth renting heavy-duty dumpsters. 


Once an individual has determined the type and size of the dumpster, he should contact the shortlisted rental company and place an order. Provide the company with the necessary details for a smooth ordering process, including zip code, debris type, requested dumpster size, delivery date, delivery location, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to consult the rental company about what items can be dumped in the container.

Cole Harris

Cole Harris

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