Why Should You Use A james bond shoulder holster?

There are many benefits to using a shoulder holster instead of hip holsters or other types. A shoulder holster allows you to conceal your weapon, distribute the weight of the gun over your body, and carry extra magazines or other gear. If you’re looking for an alternative way to carry concealed, a shoulder holster might be right for you!

Allows You To Carry A Handgun Without Showing It

The main benefit of a shoulder holster is that it allows you to carry a handgun without showing it. It’s not like when you have your gun on your hip or in your pocket, where other people can see it and know that you are armed. With a shoulder holster, there is no visible sign that indicates that you are carrying a firearm; therefore, most people won’t even know that they’re in the presence of someone with their own weapon ready for use at any time.

This makes sense because one of the primary reasons for choosing this type of holster over others is to avoid drawing attention from others who might pose harm or danger if they knew about our weapons. In other words: if someone doesn’t know what we’re carrying under our clothes then there isn’t much chance they’ll try anything funny!

It Helps Distribute The Weight Of The Gun Over Your Body

The second benefit of a james bond shoulder holster is that it helps distribute the weight of the gun over your body. This is especially useful for those who have to carry their weapon for long periods of time, as it will help keep them from getting tired or sore.

It’s also helpful because it helps to keep your gun secure and in place within your holster so that there are no accidents with it being dropped or falling out when you move around too much.

It Can Be Concealed Under Jackets Or Coats

A third benefit of using a shoulder holster is that it can be concealed under jackets or coats. The reason for this is because the weight of the gun is held by your body, so there’s no pressure on your chest or back from having to carry it around all day.

If you want to wear a jacket or coat over your shoulder holster, that’s fine! You can also tuck in your shirt so that only part of it shows at the bottom and no one would know what’s underneath until they saw someone wearing one. This can work with vests too, though some vests may have their own pockets for storing guns if desired instead of using holsters such as these ones do (which are usually worn under clothing rather than overtop).


Shoulder holsters are a great option if you’re looking for something that will keep your gun close to your body, but not so close that it’s uncomfortable. They can also be worn under clothing like coats or even shirts and jackets. This makes them perfect for people who want to carry concealed weapons on their person without drawing attention or being uncomfortable while doing so!

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